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Did Toph just call Aang a tool?

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The demon blood sword!!

Also, Margaret confirmed for Pokemon master

HANG ON A MINUTE, that’s not right… how can there be a Demon Blood Sword?

He didn’t get that until long after the boys were born.

Could be another demon’s blood.

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Jake said these remind him of his mother in “Beautopia”.

Now I know why.

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reblog if the girl on the left is just as beautiful as the girl on the right

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first things first i’m image

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SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS. Homestar Runner is returning!

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I heard at Comic Con, Nickelodeon is allowing people to pitch ideas for animated shows. Are you thinking about submitting anything?
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Ed Edd n Eddy and Adventure Time refused to go to nick because they wanted too much creative control

Hell no

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Episode Review: "Little Brother" (S06E11)



I’ve always been a fan of Shelby, regardless of his place in an episode. Standouts include giving Jake love advice in “My Two Favorite People”, wishing for a pony in “Wake Up”, and playing the part of ad hoc actor/priest in “Video Makers” and “The Pit”. So I was super-excited to find out…

I personally enjoyed this episode because if you interpret it a certain way, Shelby’s little brother was like a younger Finn and his adventures were sort of retelling his story.  I even head-canon this foreshadowing Finn leaving Jake and wanting to explore the world like Shelby’s brother did at the end.

And yes, this episode also had that classic AT tone in humor and dialogue, but there was plenty to analyze as well.  Great episode!